Apple 10W USB Power Adapter with Dock Connector to USB

Multi-Functional Charging Stand Dock Cradle for iPad iPad 2
Product SKU : iPADCC-18

Multi-Functional Charging Stand Dock Cradle for iPad iPad 2

  • This product is suitable for ipad, sets charge as one with the stand of two functions.
  • Charging base can be pulled out from the holder free or recovered, placed slots can also be free to stretch or shrink, support ipad tapped, home and flat vertical display, convenient and practical applicability.
  • Stable center of gravity, can guarantee stability ipad placed in any level of the console platform.
  • With 1pc USB conversion cable , AC adapter can be connected to the original charge for the console, or connected to the PC for data transfer.

User Manual:

  • 1. will stand through the USB converter cable connected to the ipad original AC adapter, the AC adapter connected to the power supply, then the console portait ipad access scaffold the charging base can be, successful console will be charged the appropriate prompt.
  • 2. ipad access charging base, through USB conversion cable connected to PC, you can be ipad and data transfer between PC.
  • 3. to place the elongated slot, and then recover the charging base, can place the sonsole slot on the cross placed.
  • 4. to console vertical ipad home, simply place the tank back stent, then the console can be put in place the slot.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Charging Stand for iPad/iPad 2
  • 1 x USB cable (1m)
  • 1 x User Manual