Power Supply Tester II

Power Supply Tester II
Product SKU : PBTEST-5

Power Supply Tester

Product introduction
The SD power supply tester is a robust voltage tester for PC power supply.ATX,BTX and ITX compliant, power supplies can be tested.LCD's indicate the status of voltage.The PC/SPS is suitable for the ambitious hobby user,as well as for a quick functional check in specialized trade

The methods of operation

  • Plug power supply 24 pin and P4,P6 or P8 into the corresponding jack of the power test suite
  • Power on the supply of power,will hear (DuDu" ring,if no flicker then the power supply output voltage is normal
  • If a certain voltage signal was not detected,or the detected voltage value over the normal,will issue a "DuDu" long buzzer,if the corresponding voltage value or PC flicker too,then the power is failed


  • Voltage source:20/24pin(ATX-connector)
  • Voltage test:+12V,-12V,+5V,-5V,+3.3V,5V stand by (SB) 12V power good(PG)
  • Connectors:floppy,HDD,CDROM,SATA,4pin(P4),8pin(Dual-CPU),6pin(PCI-Express)