Networking :audio and video adapter

Networking :audio and video adapter(connect:CRT,LCD.PROJECTOR/HD TV / POS.add a video and audio to your PC over ethernet or usb)
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INTRODUCTION The nework A / V adapter can be up long away from your computer with CAT5/6 cable .what it essentially accomplishes is to allow you to remotely control your PCS with a set of keyboard/mouse,a monitor and a network may perform a high quality presentation and imagine yourself sitting in front of your TV and you are still able to play game ,watch movie downloaded to your computer and chat via windows live messenger or making a skype call. this product makes all of that possible. Features .Video and audio applications on CRT,LCD monitor or projector shared trrough ethermet port. .Extend or mirror video through a network to a DVI display and audio .Compatible with ethernet and usb 1.1/2.0 specification. .provide 2 x usb 2.0 ports, can connect to keyboard, mouse or other usb devices. .controls up to six dvi displays from a single computer .display remote control. .supports primary display,mirror desktop, and extended desktop video modes .stream and share high definition multimedia content over standard configured network .intuitive interface for easy configuration and monitoring .long transmission distance up to 100 meters package contens . 1 x network A/V ADAPTER . 1 X POWER ADAPTER . 1 X CD(DRIVER AND USER'S MANUAL) . 1 X quick installation guide .1 x usb cable . 1 x networking cable . 1 x DVI TO VGA adapter . 1 x DVI to HDMI adapter(optional)