PNY PowerPack ST51 Action Cams 5100 mAh Power Bank

Amazing Value - RRP €34.95
Product SKU : PNY P-B5100-2ST51K-RB

PNY ST51 Pack



The ST51 is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide you power when you need it. It charges all USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, eReaders, portable game consoles and more. With this emergency battery bank you don’t be afraid to be out of battery again ! No matter the device, PNY has a solution for you.


Recharge your smartphone up to three times


LED display showing the battery charge level


Battery equipped with two USB ports enabling two devices to be charged at the same time


Polymer battery providing maximum reliability in a light casing


Micro & Mini-USB cables included